Gone Fish!-ing Today

January 20, 2011

This morning a former co-worker of mine had in their status a blurb about “how did we meet?”  We met at Kindred Hospital-Tucson and I was so glad we did.  As the day went on, I was thinking about different experiences in life…the ones that help us grow.  I was recalling when I worked at Kindred Hospital-Tucson, the corporation had adopted the FISH! philosphy for the work environment.  As the HR Director, part of my job was to help create that environment in every department and establish it as the culture of the hospital.  It was a good one, one that came from the Fish Markets of Seattle.  I have never been there, but I can see how this philosophy was birthed and is one that I try to instill to this day in my life.  Lately (for the past year) I have been reminded of it again and again.  

The Four Steps of the FISH! Philosophy! (this is what we do…wherever we are)

  1. Play–be sure to have fun! 
  2. Make Their Day–whoever you are with see if you can do something to make their day…little words of encouragement, acts of kindness, whatever it is look for an opportunity to make someone’s day.
  3. Be There–whoever you are with, be there with that person right then. Shut out the distractions, let them know they are important! 
  4. Choose Your Attitude–we have a choice in every situation how we can respond. We cannot choose other people’s attitudes for them, we can only control our attitude.

Did you know that we can learn from so many things but it doesn’t do any good to never put them into action?  I know this is a simple idea…but how many things have we learned over time and set aside?  Today I was reminded of this philosophy, so I will… 

  • be doing something (as is customary in my daily life) for the Kingdom and I will have fun doing what I do.   
  • pursue making at least one person’s day–no matter if it is in a big or small way. 
  • be there–wherever I am at that moment.
  • choose to have a good attitude–and I when I blow it, I will repent and start over.

Thank you Lord for bringing things to my remembrance and helping me grow every day.


cha cha changes

June 21, 2010

It’s amazing how we, as creatures of soooo many habits, are also capable of making some paramount changes. For example, almost four years ago, I opened this account and was going to begin blogging some different thoughts that I had…just some ponderings…some deeper than others. However, with some schedule changes, this endeavor had to be placed on a shelf. That minor change, lead to an almost four year hiatus! Let’s see how long it takes me to get into a habit for this idea to become a reality.

Life throws so many situations at us, sometimes it’s hard to change our reactions to those situations so that we can in turn have a different outcome. Our learned behaviors and responses may be the very thing that put us in the same rut, the very rut that we live. The only way to alter that end is to change how we respond. How is that possible? Well for me, it begins in God’s Word. I know that His Word is an endless fountain of wisdom, so there is an answer in it! Here’s to a walking in new grace…and making His Word the authority in my life. In serving, I will serve, but I will not be a slave to what people think of me.

Hello world!

October 14, 2006

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